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A Brief History of Ritual Dancing
The Morris

Shepherds Hey

Music - audio/Shepherds Hey.mp3

ORIGIN            Adderbury, Oxon           

                           This is a solo dance which can be performed by any number of dancers in any formation
                          (e.g. circle facing in or all facing up)

COUNT:       1              2               3                4                 5                 6               7                 8
:        left right    left hop     right left    right hop     left hop       right hop     left hop       right hop
hands:     down          up             down        up              down            up            twiddle        twiddle

                                  down = hands go down from head height to waist
                                      up = hands go up from waist height to head
                               twiddle = small circular movement with hands held above head

                   This is a hand-clapping dance which can be performd while holding hankies

              All face up
A2         FOOT UP
              All dance forward (up) 4 steps
              All reverse back 4 steps 
A3         REPEAT  

B1        All clap with partner as follows:
COUNT:    1           2           3            4            5           6           7           8 
Hands     self       right       away        -          self        left        away       -  
                   9          10        11          12          13         14         15       16
:                self       URK     self        ULK       self       back      self       -

self =  clap own hands   R = tap right bodypart     away = lift hand away       L = tap left bodypart
URK = clap under right knee     ULK = clap under left knee      BB = clap behind back

B2       REPEAT as in B1

 The sequence of the dance is as follows:

A(x)      FOOT UP is the only figure danced - it is danced before each hand clapping

B(x)      HANDCLAPPING is also the same except a different part of the body gets tapped each time as follows:

A2 & A3     FOOT UP as in  A2 & A3                       B1 & B2  HANDCLAPPING  -  tap knees

A4 & A5     FOOT UP as in  A2 & A3                       B3 & B4  HANDCLAPPING  -  tap hips

A6 & A7     FOOT UP as in  A2 & A3                       B5 & B6  HANDCLAPPING  -  tap chest

A8 & A9     FOOT UP as in  A2 & A3                       B7 & B8  HANDCLAPPING  -  tap shoulders

A10 & A11 FOOT UP as in  A2 & A3                       B9 & B10 HANDCLAPPING  -  tap head


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