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A Brief History of Ritual Dancing
The Morris

Bean Setting

Music - Audio/bean setting.mp3

ORIGIN         Headington Quarry, Oxford

STEP            Step - hop throughout  left-hop  right-hop, left-hop. right-hop etc.  

           ONCE TO YOURSELF  
A1     All face up with sticks crossed             

           FOOT UP AND DOWN
A2      All dance forward (up) 4 steps           
           All reverse back 4 steps  turning to face down
           on step 4
A3      Repeat, turning to face in on last step
Once to yourself
 B1      Dib tips of sticks onto floor twice and tap once with partner across set           
            Repeat then stand with stick held across in front and pointing to the left.           
            Tap round the set as follows: 1 tap 3: 3 tap 5: 5 tap 6 (across end of set):           
            6 tap 4: 4 tap 2: all tap once with partner across the set
 B2      REPEAT  
Bean Setting sticks 1

          COUNT:         1       2     3     4      5      6      7    
                                dib   dib   tap  -     dib   dib   tap
              THEN REPEAT   
Bean setting sticks 2
  8      9      10      11       12     13    
1/3   3/5    5/6     6/4      4/2   partner
A4      All face across set and dance forward 4 steps,  passing partner by right           
           Turn to right and remain in partner’s place (4 steps)
A5      Repeat to finish in own place  
Morris Cross Over1
Pass by right to change places
Morris Cross Over 2
Pass by right to original places
B3 & B4   STICK TAPPING    as      B1 & B2
WHOLE CAST (or Morris Hey)
A8      All face up; top couple separate and dance down outside of own line to bottom other dancers following
           to turn set upside down
A9      Same couple (now at bottom) separate and dance back up outside of own line other dancers following,
           all finishing in original places  
Morris Cast 1
All face up, top cpl cast away to bottom
All follow to turn set upside down
Morris Cast 2
All face down, same cpl cast away to top
All follow to original places
7 & B8      STICK TAPPING     as      B1 & B2

FOOT UP      as   A2
A11               REPEAT to finish facing up with stick crossed  

        All finish facing up with sticks held high and crossed with partner (as at beginning of dance
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