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This web site aims to introduce English Folk dancing to those who are keen to get started and especially schools. For many years, Diane and David Morgan have given instruction to hundreds of children in the South Midlands. As long ago as 1978 they printed booklets on Maypole, Morris, Longsword and Country Dancing which have been used by schools  as guides to help in teaching their children how to do the dances. Now retired, they have decided to publish all the information on the internet in the hope that it will encourage schools and anybody else who wants to keep this wealth of England's heritage alive.
Cartoon Maypole There is a section on Maypole Dancing which includes 14 different dances, all with helpful diagrams showing the dance moves and how the completed ribbon pattern should look There is also music which can be used for accompaniment And there is a brief history of the maypole tradition
There is a section on Ritual Dancing which includes 8 Morris Dances (4 stick and 4 handkerchief) together with a sequence of Longsword dancing. These dances have been simplified to make them more accessible to young children, but details of the original moves are also to be found Again, there is music which can be used for accompaniment and a brief history of the various traditions Cartoon Morris
Cartoon Dance There is a section on Country Dances which have been found to be popular with schools and many of which have also been used at Barn Dances with adults There is music which can be used to accompoany the dances
There is also a page about the Apricot Pie Country Dance Band Cartoon Band

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